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We specialise in drug and alcohol withdrawal and treatment, so we focus on your acute care during your detox process and plan with you a comprehensive treatment plan to ensure sustainable long term recovery. Our staff are devoted to getting you through the initial stages of your detox in the most comfortable way possible.

We offer clients a complete addiction withdrawal program including medical assessment and supervision, counselling, medication, healthy nutrition and lifestyle advice.


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We’re with you, every step of the way

Every step of your recovery is supported. You may need a 7-day drug or alcohol withdrawal program. You may need a longer all inclusive holistic treatment plan. You may need both. Or you may just need a big rest away from the pressures of life to work on your health recovery. Our intake staff will assist you to plan your stay to achieve your goals. Identifying the root cause of your addiction and have lifestyle strategies to overcome cravings is vital.

Our goal to is make sure you complete your withdrawal and recovery process successfully and learn relapse prevention strategies. Our post-withdrawal support program team will support your sobriety after you leave and help you stay in touch. Relapse prevention is an integral part of this program to ensure sustainable long term recovery.

Medication and pharmacotherapy

During your detox phase, medication is an important strategy to help minimise side effects and cravings or help you sleep. This is called pharmacotherapy and is a specialised area of medicine. Our doctor and nurses are qualified to assist you in your medication management. We also offer natural medicines to assist your detoxification process and advocate a healthy dietary regime for your recovery.


Gold Coast Detox is a private drug and alcohol addiction management centre for detoxification located on the Gold Coast. Clients are offered drug and alcohol withdrawal in a relaxed non-clinical retreat-style environment. We focus primarily on the addiction withdrawal process and value privacy, care and understanding.

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