Join Our 28-Day Therapeutic Retreat in Mexico for a Life-Changing Experience

28 day intensive drug and alcohol detox and rehab programs in Mexico using Ibogaine treatment.

Dates for 2024 to be confirmed, currently taking expressions of interest.
If you have tried detoxing from opioids, alcohol or stimulants with medication with unsuccessful results or relapsed, you may benefit from an alternative treatment such as Ibogaine. Ibogaine treatment is currently not available in Australia, but is available in Mexico through experienced prescribers.

Ibogaine can be used for the following withdrawal programs

  • Opioids (heroin, codeine, Fentanyl, pethadine, Methadone, Suboxone)
  • Stimulants (Ice, Speed, Cocaine, Caffeine)
  • Cannabis
  • Alcohol

GCDRS offer off-shore detox intensives using psychedelic therapy for opioid, amphetamine, Cannabis and alcohol withdrawal. Ibogaine therapy provides a safe and natural treatment for clients seeking an alternative to a medicated withdrawal regime with minimal side effects and long term recovery outcomes.

Ibogaine is a mild psychedelic plant medicine. When taken during drug or alcohol withdrawal, it minimises the detoxing symptoms, while improving mental health and self-awareness. Clients can have long-lasting effects after treatment. This can include loss of cravings, mental awareness of underlying drivers of addiction, emotional wellbeing and improvement in social connection and communication with loved ones. No Valium (Benzodiazepine), sleepers, antipsychotics (Seroquel), replacement drugs (Suboxone) or sedatives are used in this treatment. Full medical supervision is provided however to protect the safety of clients during their withdrawal. GCDRS qualified counselling staff accompany clients to and from onsite location in Mexico, supporting and facilitating participants 24/7 to complete their recovery program. Supported by experienced local Ibogaine treatment community.

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$48,000 all inclusive plus flights. Includes 1:1 daily counselling program, medical supervision, 24 hour care, activities, food and accommodation.

Max 5 people per group.

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Note: Ibogaine is classed as a mild psychedelic plant medicine originating from Africa. It is not related to Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Mescalin or Peyote. However it does share some chemical similarities.

A Veteran talks about how the African root Iboga helped him heal his PTSD symptoms. Iboga retreats are offered to clients in Mexico throughout the year.
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No stress, better sleep during Iboga treatment

A Whoop band result during our client’s first Iboga ceremony. His average Strain measurement (left graph) that month was 12, but during the treatment it went down to almost zero. At the same time his REM restorative sleep measurement (right graph) peaked at 3 hours even though he was wide awake for 24 hours. This is how Iboga helps people recover from PTSD, anxiety and depression.

Increase in REM during Iboga treatment

Drop in stress levels during Iboga treatment