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Our intake staff member can advise you on your length of stay during an initial consultation. Starting from $1500 per day. This daily fee includes accommodation, food, staff supervision, therapies, activities, transport, pickups, and other services provided.

This all-inclusive fee also ensures your complete anonymity from Government EHealth records, Private Health Insurance records as well as Income Protection Insurers who seek to load additional premiums after a person has received treatment from providers who link their
electronic records.

Clients bring their own medication regime from our nominated off-site doctor or their own practitioner with them and pay for any daily prescribed medication required during their stay. Clients wishing to receive additional supplements prescribed are charged according to their

After a 7 to 14-day detox, your treatment can continue into a short-stay rehab. Should you have any particular requirements during your stay, we’re only too happy to discuss it with you.

*We do not offer refunds to clients who self-discharge or relapse during their stay. Any refund for special circumstances, such as family issues, is at the discretion of management.


Gold Coast Detox is a private drug and alcohol addiction management centre for located on the Gold Coast. Clients are offered a supportive and safe space for a supported drug and alcohol withdrawal in a relaxed retreat-style environment. We focus primarily on supporting the physical withdrawal process with privacy, care and understanding. We also offer drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs.

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