But Cannabis isn’t a drug, it’s a plant. Everyone says it so it must be true. Marijuana has been around for so long, it can’t be harmful. No-one has ever died from smoking a joint. Lots of people use Cannabis and they seem to be fine. It’s legal now, so that must mean it’s safe. My friend uses CBD oil and their doctor said if it’s prescribed then it’s OK.

Here is the truth about Cannabis. It is highly addictive, it is a gateway drug, it causes psychosis and it changes your thought patterns. It makes people lethargic and unmotivated long term, which is called ‘Motivational Syndrome’. It’s not uncommon to start with Cannabis and move to harder stimulant drugs to help with the lack of motivation. This then leads to poly-drug use (uppers and downers).

Whether it’s bought off the street or prescribed from a doctor, the negative effects can be the same. A doctor is not supposed to prescribe Cannabis  if there is a history of mental health issues or social drug taking. It is only supposed to be used medically for pain syndromes, sleep disorders and other physical issues. Giving Cannabis to someone who is addictive or mentally unstable is not advised. Many people don’t know they are having an adverse reaction to prescribed Cannabis.

If someone doesn’t get paranoia now, it will happen at some stage. Usually the person feels happy and talkative in the beginning. It’s a fun and sociable drug with friends at the onset. But after several months or years, it becomes an isolating experience, used only at home. Going out becomes too hard, with feelings of anxiety and suspicion. There is no motivation to start new projects, jobs or make new friends. The person becomes negative, irritable and resistant to change. 

The effects of Cannabis are slow and long term on the whole. Some people can use Cannabis long term and the effects are slow and subtle, unlike other drugs which appear extreme in their effect. You may not even notice anything for a while. There may be creative thinking in the beginning, but that may not continue.

In the later stages of Cannabis addiction, there can be intensely verbose conversation with strong opinions about conspiracies, spirituality and politics. There can be psychosis and a denial of any personality change, making it hard to seek the right help. The person can have strong withdrawal symptoms if they miss a day, such as pain, anger, insomnia and sweats. 


It takes several months, and sometimes years to detox from Cannabis. It stores in the fat cells of your body and is only released slowly after the person stops using. That means, unlike alcohol and other drugs, it leaves the body via the skin and digestive system. This means detoxing takes at least 3 weeks. The first week of detox may be fine, the second week may be uncomfortable. By the third week the person will be experiencing a full withdrawal, with insomnia, pain and discomfort. Sweating is a vital part of detoxing, so night sweats are normal for several weeks. Irritability and anxiety are normal.

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