Riches To Rags

RICHES TO RAGS The Cocaine Explosion By Bronwyn Schlesinger Addiction Counselor High-Flying Cocaine is now the drug of choice for the high flyer. The rich and famous of Hollywood have always fallen under its spell. Charlie Sheen, Robert Downey Jr. and Nigella Lawson have all had their fall from grace using ‘Stardust’. Australian corporates […]

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Addiction and Dual Diagnosis in complex needs clients

When two health issues occur at the same time, it is called co-morbidity. Patients with depression, anxiety or mood disorders can easily turn to drug and alcohol misuse to manage their pain and suffering.

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Corporate Addiction

Addiction affects every corner of society, including in the boardroom. Janine Elliot tells us just how deeply it affects the workplace.

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Everything you know is wrong

Everything you know about addiction is wrong Drug usage and addiction, alcohol addiction and more! Sometimes it does take a journalist to put research in perspective. Johann Hari spoke at a TED talk in 2015 on the true cause of addiction according to the latest studies around the world. He says, at the very heart […]

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Who is rehab for?

Who is rehab for? Acknowledging you have an addiction is the first step to recovery. Addiction often refers to a physical or psychological need to continually use a substance. Some substances can be highly addicting than others and some people can become addicted to substances depending on factors associated with their mental, physical and lifestyle […]

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Professional/ Executive Detox

Professional/ Executive Detox So, you don’t want to line up in the queues for a public detox. Waiting lists can be up to six weeks for government- funded service. And what if someone there recognises you, perhaps the word will get out that you’re in detox. That could jeopardise your reputation in the business and […]

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One question people ask us, is why we charge a healthy fee per day for our detox programs. That’s a good question. There are several factors involved in fee structure worth considering. The cost of addiction is high, and the financial benefits of staying sober are huge. Detoxing may be the best investment you ever make.

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Gold Coast Detox is a private drug and alcohol addiction management centre for detoxification located on the Gold Coast. Clients are offered drug and alcohol withdrawal in a relaxed non-clinical retreat-style environment. We focus primarily on the addiction withdrawal process and value privacy, care and understanding.

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