Detox and Drug Rehabilitation Townsville

Everyone who’s had an encounter with addiction knows it’s not easy to overcome. And beating it to staying sober is another battle altogether. But with all the battles that anyone on this road has fought, none of them fought alone. Reaching out to someone has always been the first step. And that first reach is almost always the most crucial.

What is Detox & Drug Rehab?

Detox & Drug Rehabilitation can help an individual in many ways. It offers a safe environment with medical detox and therapy. This is to address any underlying causes of the addiction. It also offers access to mental health professionals who can work with them individually. These professionals help to create a customised treatment plan that tailors to every resident. This is to help individuals on understanding their addiction and how to prevent relapse in the future. Rehab programs also offer group counselling sessions. These sessions help build strong support systems among people in the same situation. It also sparks the start of meaningful connections with like-minded peers.

What We Can Help With

At The Hermitage Centre, we offer the same benefits and more. We offer services that provide various options for dealing with drug and alcohol withdrawal such as:

  • A medicated approach to make sure detoxing is dealt with in the most comfortable way possible.
  • Daily counselling with your own addiction specialist. Consider it a private shrink that we provide you within the comfort of our centre.
  • We have massages, acupuncture, nutrition advice, yoga, and fitness programs as well. We believe that the approach to dealing with addiction should be holistic.
  • We won’t confiscate anything you own. In fact, you are permitted to use your phone, surf the net, and have family meet-ups. You have the freedom to do all these and even smoke outside our verandas.
  • Our service also includes airport pickups and transportation. We want your travel to our facility to have the least stress possible.
  • And you can bring your pet to our rehab for alcoholics. The more companions you can have, the better.

Why An Interstate Rehab Might Be The Treatment You’ve Been Looking For

It’s not a secret that our location might be intimidating, given how far it is from where you are. This is completely intentional as we value your privacy. In fact, a lot of our clients to go to rehab want to deal with the whole ordeal in private. We have kept this approach of interstate treatment as it is the majority preference among clients.